5 ways to thrive, not just survive expat life

Far too often, I hear that a mother, a photographer, an entrepreneur, a hairdresser, a therapist, is sitting at home with all of these talents all these skills… and they are unhappy, unfulfilled and wanting to go back ‘home’ to their old life. They can’t find a job in their profession, they can’t get a work permit, they don’t know what to do with their time and so all that talent is going to waste.eagle

If you’re brand new to expat life and you want to know how to get off to a great start or if you’ve been living abroad a little while but you haven’t yet reached that longed-for place where you’re feeling fulfilled and ‘on purpose’ and enjoying life abroad, then try these 5 steps:


1)      Positive Emotion: Start with looking inside yourself and how you feel about your current situation. Are you looking at it objectively? Focus on the opportunities that the decision to moving abroad has opened up for you. Write down your strength, qualities and the positive aspects your current life and situation.


2)      Engagement with others: If you’re not working, then get out of the house and engage with other people through social clubs, sports activities, and voluntary work, anything that uses your mind and stops you becoming bored and lonely.


3)      Positive Relationships: When you meet a new person or make a new friend be the first to take their number or set a time to meet up with them again. Seek out people who are enjoying their life as an expat and move away from those who are negative and likely to bring you down. Your wellbeing will be enhanced by the positive relationships you have with other people.


4)      Do something meaningful: What do you value most? What is most important to you? Once you have identified what your values are, it feels effortless. We get so much more from doing something meaningful and being involved in the things we care about.


5)      Set a Vision: What do you want to achieve or accomplish in your time abroad? Dream big and get specific about what you want. The clearer we are about our goals the easier it is to find ways to get there. If we don’t know where we are going, then how will we know we have arrived? Goal setting isn’t just for businesses or high achievers, everyone can benefit from a vision and plan.Message Stones


Finally, have fun!


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