How mindfulness can help you relax 

Scientific studies provide evidence for both the mental and physical benefits of mindfulness. Just as exercising regularly helps your body and mind become healthier and helps you feel good, regular mindfulness practice can prevent and treat chronic stress and other mental health difficulties such as anxiety and depression.

Living in a more mindful way also helps you feel less controlled by your thoughts, enhance relationships, and become more focused which, overall, leads to a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

* New* 5 ways to thrive not just survive expat life.

Far too often as an expat here in Doha, I hear that a mother, a working professional, an entrepreneur, a hairdresser, a therapist, is sitting at home with all of these talents all these skills… and they are unhappy, unfulfilled and wanting to go back ‘home’ to their old life…Click here to read more..eagle





One Minute of Mindfulnessboat

STOP. LOOK. LISTEN. Three simple words used to teach children to cross the road safely. To keep them safe and out of danger.

More recently I’ve been using these three words to help keep my body and mind ‘safe’. To relax when I feel tension, when I start to panic or simply when I need to take ‘time out’. Click here to read more


 3 ways to let go….

‘Let it go, let it go.’background_dandeliion

I’m guessing you’ve heard the song ‘Let it go’, from the Disney film ‘Frozen’ by now. If you’ve been in hiding, don’t worry I’ll use a few of the lyrics in this blog to keep you in the loop. I’m not usually one for this type of music, but this one has really resonated with me. Click here to read more…

Lost. Empty. Stuck.stuck

Just a few of the words I’d use to describe how I was feeling just over one year ago having just started my expat life.

Being woken up at the start of the week by my husband’s alarm clock, watching him get ready and go to work, knowing I had a whole 5 days ahead of me of nothingness, was quite frankly a scary place to be. Click here to read more….

‘I don’t know who I am anymore’ sad

I hear this often and it’s how most of us can feel without a job role to define us. Before I arrived in my new country I didn’t ‘’need’’ to think about who I was. I didn’t think about what hobbies I might have or enjoy. I didn’t go to networking events to make new friends. I didn’t think about changing my career. I didn’t think about what I was really passionate about.  Click here to read more…

Whilst at a friend’s party a few weeks ago I was talking to a couple I hadn’t met before. Not long into the conversation, she asked me what I do for a job. I replied, the two simple words ‘Life Coaching’ and before I could go on to describe my job in more detail, he blurted out ‘what the heck is life coaching? I don’t need someone to tell me how to live my life’. To which I smiled, and said ‘that’s great, because I don’t tell anybody how to live their life’. click here to read more..


Live in the moment and travel each day travel (800x533) - Copy

For two weeks I floated away onto a white fluffy cloud of serenity. It was bliss. I have just returned from a wonderful two week holiday travelling around Sri Lanka. Now I’m back, I feel grounded, connected and energised.  Which got me thinking…What is it about travelling to other parts of the world that brings about this deeper connection? How can we hold onto these feelings and bring these experiences into our everyday life?…click here to read more