My Approach

What is long story short coaching? 

People come to coaching because they realise they need help getting unstuck or taking their life to the next level. They  have usually arrived at a crossroads, and need support to determine who they are, how they have arrived here and where they want to go next. Most are looking for a change in their life. I provide help for people feeling stuck or lost in their life or current situation.sign

I collaborate my learning, knowledge and my own life experience to support my clients in creating the life they want, their life story.

Helping people ignite their spark and let their inner purpose shine. Life coaching facilitates change.

In my sessions, I provide tools and use techniques to challenge you, helping you become ‘unstuck’. I don’t tell you what to do or offer all the answers. I believe that deep down you know exactly what you need and have the strength and ability to do it. Together we will challenge the ‘negative thoughts’ or ‘limiting beliefs’ you may have (such as ‘I always fail’, ‘I can’t do this’) that we all think from time to time, but that ultimately act as barriers to us achieving our goals and potential.

My role is to support and empower you to take action, to ignite your spark. You set the goals and the dreams. I keep you on the path to your own success and happiness.

Life coaching is about designing a future, not about getting over the past. 

The focus of coaching lies in the every day moment and the future, helping you create your life ‘long story’ in a ‘short’ and focused way; ‘Long Story Short.’  Your past is important to who you are today, its what got you here. However, your past does not equal your future. Your future is determined by the choices and actions you take now. In our sessions we may sometimes make links to your past experiences, the focus of coaching is about being present in the here and now, and moving forwards along your journey.