Helping expats to thrive not just survive

Hello! I’m Dr Sarah Lawson.

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I am a wife, a mother, a psychologist, a coach, an adventurer.

During my first experience of expat life to Doha, Qatar in 2013 I came to understand the challenges that expats individuals, families and couples face, both through my own personal experience and listening to stories from friends and clients. Being an expat is a unique experience, which is exciting, full of new adventures and possibilities. Yet it can also put a huge amount of pressure on individuals and couples. It’s not uncommon to have feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness as well as feeling ‘lost’ or regrets, especially when far away from friends and family, in a completely new and different culture.

After setting up longstoryshort coaching whilst living and working in Qatar and having now re-located to the UK,  I have continued to help and support expats living in the Middle East. I now have sessions from my home office with my clients from all corners of the world through zoom (like skype) for on-line coaching and therapy. How great is that!

I am the founder of Coaching & Clinical psychology practice Dr Sarah Lawson

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